Like Swimming – Go Buffalo

Like Swimming is Sweden’s latest Indie Pop Trio. They epitomize everything that is indie pop. When I first heard this song I was laying on my couch sick, and it instantaneously picked me up. It makes you want to get up and dance. They make lyrics like “We are all going to die in the summer” sound super happy and fun. This is indie pop at its best. Check them out if you haven’t already!


Lykke Li – Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone

What can I say about Lykke Li other than that she is amazing. Her music holds a special place in my heart as her lyrics are always on subjects I relate to. You hear the pain in her amazingly melancholic voice. She is currently touring but grabbing a ticket may be a hard task. I luckily will be seeing her at the Apollo Theater in May! Here is a new one from her highly anticipated new forthcoming album “I Never Learn” Lykke, you are truly amazing!

Goat – Run to Your Mama

Recommended by my friend Tony, Goat from Korpilombolo is a psychedelic musical fusion made to feel your ears with delight. Their beats make you want to get up and groove. If their story is true, Korpilombolo is a Swedish town with roots in Voodoo. So open your mind and let Goat take you into a trance.

Her Bright Skies – Bonnie and Clyde

I had the honor of ringing in the New Year this past year with a few of these awesome lads. They also allowed my best friend Jackie and I the chance to show them what an American Thanksgiving is like by cooking them a huge giant meal and showed them what salsa should taste like. They are not just great guys. They are also gifted and talented musicians. Listen to their recently released video “Bonnie and Clyde.” Until I go back to Sweden to cook for all of you again…Keep on Rockin!

Swedish Music is awesome!

This was the first band other Abba and the Cardigans that made me start to explore Swedish music. I had won a music compilation at a county fair from the KROQ(a radio station California) I was 16 and it was the best prize I had ever won. I won it by removing my shoe laces the fastest from my shoes. The song below was on this CD along with Blur’s “Beetlebum”and Mazzy Star’s “Flowers in December” those were the only three songs I listened to. They helped define and mold what my music taste is today…Brit Pop, Dream Pop and…Swedish Music. I will be including so many different genres in this blog, and you may even get a song or two in Swedish. So enjoy!