I received an email last week about Steele’s latest release “Follow” and I had been lagging in posting about it.  I’m now on summer break so I now how no excuse to bring new Swedish music to you.  To be quite honest, I’ve been selfishly hoarding a few songs and keeping them to myself.

Steele’s takes you into a dark exotic dreamland with raspy vocals and entrancing piano.  The video brings forth a sort of nightmare feel, but the music makes you feel the battle within.  The beat pulses give a sort of anxiety that keeps you entwined within the song and bracing for more.  Then it abruptly ends and you can breathe a sigh of relief.



MIYNT – After The Gold Rush

It takes a lot for music to get me going and excited lately, but I found something new that I absolutely love.  A mix of electronic, with a bit of glam funk to get your morning started off right.  MIYNT out of Stockholm gives us a dreamy interlude that takes us on a magical musical adventure.  It could be that I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix, but this is the space age journey I was looking for.  The intro gave me a beacon of hope and as the guitar eased in I was immediately entranced and grooving in my chair.