Sea Lion – Sanna’s Song

It’s like Mazzy Star met the Cranes and replaced Hope Sandoval with Alison Shaw and out of it came Sea Lion. From Göteborg, Sea Lion is a band I know a lot of my friends would enjoy. When I found them, it was like I had found my lost treasure. I’m mesmerized by Linn Osterberg’s voice. It’s absolutely beautiful and the melodies is simply divine. I also can’t put into words how great her covers are. It’s like you’re listening to a totally different song.  When everyone’s raving about First Aid Kit, they need to give Sea Lion some attention!  I love this!

Maasai – Forgive Me

Electro pop duo from Stockholm, Maasai is something you need to hear. Beautiful, dream whispery vocals combined with a lovely electro beat make this song hard to not like. Maasai is on their way to joining the rest of the Electro-pop greats out of Sweden.

Hey Elbow – Blanca

I love the dynamic sound of this song.  Dreamy vocals combined with an eerie, echoing melody make this song close to perfection.  Released back and May, Blanca is the debut single from Malmö’s Hey Elbow.  It’s hard to believe that sound is coming from just three people.  I will anticipate their full album release set to come out sometime this summer.  It’s been a while since a band has gotten me this excited to hear more!