This one is for you Baby V

To the Sweet little Starshine that touched everyone’s heart that she met, may you shine on forever in the sky like the Venus Starshine you are.


A look back into the past few months

So here goes the double blogging day.  Here’s a little taste of why I have not force fed you the past few months!

Not only amazing musicians but a few of the greatest people I’ve met in my life…American’s can really use this song right now.  I don’t speak french is always  guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Think Mazzy Star and Erasure went on a date and had a baby, the baby is Post Pines.  Which for some reason my head always thinks Lost Pines.  But they aren’t lost anymore they have been found and are being fed into all your beautiful ears.

Joe and the Anchor reminds me of so many things I just can pinpoint one but they are good and you should listen to them and maybe help me out with what they remind me of.


Flora Cash – Sadness is Taking Over

So I know I keep making false promises and saying I will be sharing more music.  I decided that since I really don’t have the time to write some thoughtful look into a band’s music, I am going to share what is great.  You guys pretty much know what I like any how.  Once I finish school, I can get back to writing more creative music reviews for all of you.  But if I post it here, it usually means I like it and if you are my good friend you should definitely listen.  So here we go!


I received an email last week about Steele’s latest release “Follow” and I had been lagging in posting about it.  I’m now on summer break so I now how no excuse to bring new Swedish music to you.  To be quite honest, I’ve been selfishly hoarding a few songs and keeping them to myself.

Steele’s takes you into a dark exotic dreamland with raspy vocals and entrancing piano.  The video brings forth a sort of nightmare feel, but the music makes you feel the battle within.  The beat pulses give a sort of anxiety that keeps you entwined within the song and bracing for more.  Then it abruptly ends and you can breathe a sigh of relief.


MIYNT – After The Gold Rush

It takes a lot for music to get me going and excited lately, but I found something new that I absolutely love.  A mix of electronic, with a bit of glam funk to get your morning started off right.  MIYNT out of Stockholm gives us a dreamy interlude that takes us on a magical musical adventure.  It could be that I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix, but this is the space age journey I was looking for.  The intro gave me a beacon of hope and as the guitar eased in I was immediately entranced and grooving in my chair.


The reason why I’ve strayed…

So guys it’s been a while since I post unless it’s something that my lovely Stranded Mermaid friends release.  By the way, they are as awesome in person as they are musically across your stereo.   To get to my point of this post, there is a reason why I have not been able to find time to find you all new Swedish delights for your ears.  It’s because I am currently in the process of earning my masters and my normal time that I had dedicated to scouring the internet has been refocused on completing my school work and reading lots of interesting books.

So this last class of my first year of my masters was a project and I’ve really missed writing.  I had this grandiose idea that I could create a new website to post about religious tolerance.  The more I thought about it the more I felt it could become a place where others go to become educated on religion.  With the growing amount of terror acts, we tend to lose sight and stereotype everyone so this is the chance to spread some knowledge.  So my new blog is below, I would love if you went and gave it a visit.  There are two posts that are works in progress but progress always starts small.

So with great pleasure I present to you:

Religion for the Young, the Old and the Curious

Stranded Mermaid – Pagan Rituals I: Animal Worship

So today I did something unplanned and booked a five day trip to Sweden that leaves tonight.  Since this is a monumental occasion and I’ve been meaning to update my poor blog that I left in the dust and who better to pull me out of the wood works than Stranded Mermaid with their most recent release.  With their mystical sounds and dreamy vocals they will sweep me off to a far off land.  I’d have to throw out there that Lynx is my a favorite as it makes me want to dance in my chair and swing my arms in weird strange animal like gestures.  I wonder if its just my natural primal instinct that makes me want to run to the forest and frolic with all the forest animals, or if I just think I’m Snow White.   So with joy and great pleasure, I present my one of my favorite new songs.