Maja Francis – Last Days of Dancing

I’m in Sweden so this song is not fitting because my last days of dancing are not here.  I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite Swedish resident’s 30th birthday where we will dance dance dance!   So we will start of this weekend with the latest fantasy pop release of Maja Francis.


Stella Lugosi

Sometimes when I can’t find anything new to post, I have to dig deep.  Sometimes I find tons of things but once in awhile I come across an artist who has an amazing voice, yet I can’t seem to find much information about them.  This was what I ran into with Stella Lugosi, but I couldn’t resist when she won me over with her cover of Blur’s “Beetlebum”  With her interesting soulfully exquisite voice, she covers the song with such greatness giving it a feminine twist.  I can’t wait for her to release more music.  Below is the cover and another song she posted on youtube.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Swedes Are Sweet

Last year, when this idea was proposed to me I had no idea of the commitment it would take and the amount of passion I would put into it.  I  didn’t think I’d make it this far, and  didn’t have much faith in myself that I could actually put so much work into something outside my normal job.  But the music has been an inspiration and it continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

Within a few days of starting this blog, I got to see and meet the members of Solander and unknowingly I found their music to post and realized that they were playing in NYC that same night.  I got to experience first hand the appreciation that these lovely bands feel when you show your support.

Tomorrow, I get to embark on yet another trip to Sweden with a stop in Denmark.  I can’t wait to see my lovely friends, some whose bands have been featured on my site.  I hope to meet some new ones along the way who can give me the heads up on the music scene.

I wanted to do a year in review, but today I think I will skip on the music posts and just give you all a virtual hug and a high five to thank you for your continued support.  To all my followers, your support warms my little heart.  To all the artists  in Sweden and abroad, keep making great music to inspire our hearts and fill us with such great emotions.

Tack så mycket!

Album Review – Eternal Death –

For months, I have anticipated the new singles to be released by Eternal Death.  Well my wishes were answered when h released their debut self titled album just a few weeks ago. For being a debut, it is simply amazing.  There are not many albums that I can listen to all the way through and then listen to it again.  Elin Berlin’s sweet vocals combined with the beautiful lyrics and explosive synth are perfect for those times when you just want to  take a walk and contemplate where your life is going.  The album brings forth a dynamic sound that gives the listen a mix bags of emotion.  Whether your in the mood to fall in love, get excited, feel exhilarated, sad, or just want to question life.  This album is for you.   Below are my favorites:

i don’t speak french – Dawn of the New Age

I guess you could call them the sibling band of Stranded Mermaid. I don’t speak french brings groovy funk sound to take you back to the psychedelic rock age.  With lyrics such as “It’s the dawn of the new age and I feel alive” this song brings forth the emotion of a new beginning.  They are definitely talented and have the ability to switch between genre’s of music.