Stranded Mermaid – Pagan Rituals I: Animal Worship

So today I did something unplanned and booked a five day trip to Sweden that leaves tonight.  Since this is a monumental occasion and I’ve been meaning to update my poor blog that I left in the dust and who better to pull me out of the wood works than Stranded Mermaid with their most recent release.  With their mystical sounds and dreamy vocals they will sweep me off to a far off land.  I’d have to throw out there that Lynx is my a favorite as it makes me want to dance in my chair and swing my arms in weird strange animal like gestures.  I wonder if its just my natural primal instinct that makes me want to run to the forest and frolic with all the forest animals, or if I just think I’m Snow White.   So with joy and great pleasure, I present my one of my favorite new songs.


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