Little Dragon – Paris

So it’s taken me a while to decide what Little Dragon song to feature.  But I finally made a choice.  Paris is being featured since it involves two of my favorite things…Paris and Swedish Electro pop.  I have been sitting at my desk swaying my body.  Love this band!


Nina Persson – Food for the Beast

I will never pass up a chance to feature one of my favorite artists, Nina Persson.  And what can I say about her second video “Food for the Beast” from her solo album Animal Heart? First of all, it’s artistically awesome. The visual aspects of it are amazing. I just keep watching it. The song is awesome and is a perfect example of why she is one of my favorites.  Relatable lyrics, awesome beats and catchy rhythms!  She’s the best and can do no wrong in my eyes!

Also, if this is not enough Nina for you. Read my past dedication to her…My Ode to Nina Persson

jj – All White Everything

I am so glad I waited to post jj.  All White Everything is their latest  release and an album is currently in the works.  From everything I’ve heard from jj this by far has to be one of the best songs they have done.  It’s beautiful and entrancing, if the rest of the album is like this we are all in for a treat.  Check out this beautifully creepy video below.  

Throwback Thursday – The Radio Dept. – Pulling Our Weight

This one is dedicated to Reid of Sacramento.  The Radio Dept.  is a lovely band from Lund who of course is signed to the amazing Labrador records.  Just like this video, this song puts you into a lovely dream state.  It was hard to pick a song because they are all amazing.  I decided on this one because I love the video and I just imagine myself sitting on my couch on a Sunday afternoon reading a book while listening to it.  Chill musical perfection!

Adna – Prettiest

When I first heard Adna, I thought “Wow, this is good.”  When I found out that she was only 19 and self produced and recorded her album in 5 days I was amazed.  She gives life to her music through heart driven lyrics and soothing melodies.  If you’re a fan of First Aid Kit, think of this as their melancholy cousin.

Below is her song “Prettiest”, will make you laugh or cry.  You decide.

David Lynch and Lykke Li – I’m Waiting Here

I posted this to my personal Facebook account a few days ago, but I couldn’t resist posting it here.  I know that David Lynch is not Swedish but Lykke is.  What can I say about this song other than two geniuses got together and gave birth to something beautiful.  Something so simplistic and soft.  The song was released last year on Lynch’s second studio album The Big Dream.  Shot in a single shot on the dashboard of a car traveling through an empty desert the video exemplifies Lynch’s perception of infinite space and time/

The song is reminiscent of Julee Cruise’s songs in Twin Peaks. Which I highly recommend looking up if you haven’t heard them already.

Sit back, relax and let them take you through an atmospheric dawn to dusk journey through the desert.

Syket – Let It Heal

I had posted Tiger Forest Cat a couple weeks ago which is the solo project of Syket’s drummer. I feel both bands are quite different, I’m having trouble picking who I prefer. If had to choose right now, I think I’d prefer Syket. I am not sure if it’s the moody tune, or the exquisite lyrics. The one thing I am sure of is this song hit the spot.