Stranded Mermaid – Halloween

It’s like they were reading my mind.  I’ve been googling all day trying to find a Halloween song by a band from Sweden.  Then I look on Facebook and bam!  Stranded Mermaid wins the Blog Saver Award of the Day with their hauntingly beautiful song “Halloween.”  Trick of Treat my loves!


Throwback Thursday – Abba – Lay All Your Love on Me

With Halloween being tomorrow, I felt that this would be a proper throwback to a 2008 when my brother, two of our good friends and I dressed up as ABBA. The sadness I have been displaying as of Monday is over.  It’s time to dance and it’s time to party.  Bring on the weekend!  So I’m posting my all time favorite ABBA song and singing and dancing in my chair as I type this.   I can’t wait to sing this at the ABBA museum when I get to Sweden in March!

My Brother, Lisa, Me and Walter
My Brother, Lisa, Me and Walter

Wandering Wednesday – Jarvis Cocker – Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time

Today we are going to do what I will now call Wandering Wednesday, and we are going to mosey on over to a little town in England called Sheffield and listen to some Jarvis Cocker. I dedicate this to all the lovely ladies and gay men in my life. Don’t ever be scared to stand up for yourself, your wants and your needs. Thanks Jarvis for singing to all of our souls.

Swedes Are Sweet – The Cover Edition

Sometimes the original band is not the version that touches you or makes your heart feel something. The two songs below are perfect examples of that. Covers of two songs that I love but gave me a different emotional attachment when sung by Swedes.

First up, Moto Boy’s cover of Suede’s “The 2 of Us.” Sung beautifully and not void of the perfect amount of emotional heartache of the original. I don’t think anyone else could cover this song any better.

Second up, what would a week of healing music be without me featuring Lykke Li song. Here is her cover, which I may be hit for saying I like more than the original. A song about getting over someone and moving on.