Sameblod – My Fortune

Sameblod is back with yet another amazing electro synth pop song. Filled with tons of fun dancey synth sounds to fill your heart with a great amount of joy. It’s the perfect song to get rid of the winter blues and celebrate the long awaited spring that has now arrived! So if you wanted to be cheered up, just click the link below and fill you heart with synthy happiness.


Amanda Mair – House

I am throwing it back this Thursday because I can not pass up the opportunity to share this amazing voice with you all.  I have looked to see if she is still making music and have had no luck.

Such a beautiful voice singing powerful heart felt touching lyrics, I wish I would have found this sooner.

Kastrup – Thieves

Kastrup left us anticipating more after their first release “Lydia”  With a synth melody that makes you reminisce back to the 80s’.  The song encompasses everything you need for a great lasting love song.  It’s a beautiful synth masterpiece that just completes itself with its overwhelmingly touching heart felt lyrics.