PAL – Alone

PAL is back with a melodically beautiful new poppier song.  If you anticipate something slow and melacholy, you will still get a bit of that but with a shift midway through the song.   I get a little bit of Depeche Mode-esque Exciter synth feel in this song then it picks up to give you some solid upbeat pop sounds. This is probably my favorite song I heard this week.  

Soul of Gaia – Roam

Magically simple and beautiful Soul of Gaia combines a simplistic melody of piano, with entracing vocals and sounds from Nasa.  So sit back and let yourself “Roam” through the universe.  Hopefully, if you’re lucky you’ll catch yourself a falling star.

Ra – Void

Swedish shoegazers RA bring a dark force to ignite your musical bloodstream.    Though the song is called “Void”, it is not lacking or empty yet full of an interesting complex melody and deeply thoughtful lyrics. Their album will be released March 11th, but listen to their single “Void” to satisfy your cravings for more.