PAL – Alone

PAL is back with a melodically beautiful new poppier song.  If you anticipate something slow and melacholy, you will still get a bit of that but with a shift midway through the song.   I get a little bit of Depeche Mode-esque Exciter synth feel in this song then it picks up to give you some solid upbeat pop sounds. This is probably my favorite song I heard this week.  


Ra – Void

Swedish shoegazers RA bring a dark force to ignite your musical bloodstream.    Though the song is called “Void”, it is not lacking or empty yet full of an interesting complex melody and deeply thoughtful lyrics. Their album will be released March 11th, but listen to their single “Void” to satisfy your cravings for more.

Eternal Death – Violence

An Eternal Death Video?  Drop everything and post!   Double post day is worth it!

A lovely video with stimulating colors and images to accompany the gorgeous, invigorating vocals.  Eternal Death never fails to haunt me in a gloriously beautiful way.     I can’t wait to hear the forthcoming album which is released March 16th.

Double posting is worth it!

World Premiere – Heart/Dancer Hallucination Remixes EP

I’m overwhelmed with excitement and joy in premiering the remix EP of Heart/Dancer’s single Hallucinations.  Each remix is perfect to fit every part of your day.  Officially out this Friday the 20th, but available for you here two days before.

K-Burger, a remixer out of Gothenburg remix makes me feel like I’m going on a  journey through a futuristic  fantasyland.  I wish I was a choreographer so I could create a dance to this remix so you all could visualize what goes on in my head when I hear songs like this.  As the song goes on, I imagine myself floating away on a dream cloud.

Monotono, an underground project, is filled with vocal pitch changes make it a perfect song to throw on while taking a jog on the treadmill or is played at the latest hip brunch spot in New York City.

About Girls, a known remixer from Gotenburg, takes the tempo of the original down stripping it to a very minimalistic feel . The soothing pace and focus on the whimsical vocals are the kind of things daydreams are made of.

So whether you’re working, sleeping or doing something else, this EP has a song available to suit your every need.