World Premiere – Heart/Dancer Hallucination Remixes EP

I’m overwhelmed with excitement and joy in premiering the remix EP of Heart/Dancer’s single Hallucinations.  Each remix is perfect to fit every part of your day.  Officially out this Friday the 20th, but available for you here two days before.

K-Burger, a remixer out of Gothenburg remix makes me feel like I’m going on a  journey through a futuristic  fantasyland.  I wish I was a choreographer so I could create a dance to this remix so you all could visualize what goes on in my head when I hear songs like this.  As the song goes on, I imagine myself floating away on a dream cloud.

Monotono, an underground project, is filled with vocal pitch changes make it a perfect song to throw on while taking a jog on the treadmill or is played at the latest hip brunch spot in New York City.

About Girls, a known remixer from Gotenburg, takes the tempo of the original down stripping it to a very minimalistic feel . The soothing pace and focus on the whimsical vocals are the kind of things daydreams are made of.

So whether you’re working, sleeping or doing something else, this EP has a song available to suit your every need.


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