Stranded Mermaid – If Dragons Could Cry

I apologize for my lateness and sharing this with you all.  So as I sit on the bus to New York I decided it’s time.    

As you may know, Stranded Mermaid is one of my favorite finds.  Actually they are probably my favorite find ever.  And here’s why…their music invigorates me and fills me with happiness.  Every time I hear a song from them I want to escape into a musical whimsical landscape that is created by the sounds that come from their mouths and instruments.  Thank you guys for continuing to take me to that place.   


Trying to get back on track

So now that grad school has started and my move to Boston is completely.  I am going to try to get back on track with Swedes are Sweet.  And last night, I finally got the pleasure to receive my logo created by the awesome Kathy Lopez. I will be adding that to the site later, but for a sneak peek please visit my Facebook page.

So back to the music…

Here’s a summary of what’s come out since I’ve been on a break.

Last night, Swedish Electronic “noir-pop” group DNKL released a great new track. Smooth tempo to get your Wednesday off to  great start.

Club 8 – Love Dies

A sweet ballad embraced by delicate vocals.  Club 8 is always a treat!

Iamamiwhoami – The Deadlock

Oh how I’d love to see Iamamwhoami live but for now I will enjoy this presentation of their amazing new song.  Love it!

This is all I have time for now, but I promise I’ll post more soon.