Stranded Mermaid – A Smalland Saga

I know I said I would wait  until the weekend to listen to this but I kept getting teasers on Facebook, Spotify and Soundcloud.  I just could not resist listening much longer.  Also, is it wrong that my last update was a Stranded Mermaid song as well…Favoritism?  I think not. Just a strong sense of  leaning towards loving everything a certain band puts out cause I know that they will never fail me.

A strong, eerie melody perfect for this upcoming weekend.  I have to dress up as a unicorn this weekend but I really want to ditch the tutu and rainbow headband (don’t ask, or actually you can if you want) and put on a headdress and frolick in the woods with fur and feathers to this song while letting go of all my inhibitions.  Their music just brings out the animalistic instinct in me.  Guys, I really hope this is your intention?

Again thank you for making songs that are impossible for me to resist!  You’re  music is imbedded forever in my soul!


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