My Ode to Nina Persson

So I am going to do something I normally steer clear of(other than Throwback Thursday, cause that’s fun), this is the new thing I found out from seeing my cousin post pictures of girls with the hashtag “wcw” which means Woman Crush Wednesday. Now my crush isn’t necessarily based on physical beauty(though she is gorgeous), it’s more based on admiration. Nina Persson has been in my life since I was just a wee lil lass growing up in La Puente, CA. Now let’s move away from that. What I am going to do today is feature all my favorite songs that Nina has been a part of into one blog. If you are confused, just message me and I’ll be your guide. So here we go on a walk through Crystal’s chronological love with Nina Persson.”

Since, most people don’t realize that there were two Cardigan’s albums before “First Band on the Moon”. From their first album, Emmerdale here is Sick and Tired

I’ve sang this Karaoke many times, one of my favorite songs of all time. Makes me wanna shake and bop! Off of Life – Carnival

Next, you would think I would feature “Lovefool” cause that’s what got the world’s or America’s attention but no my little music loving darlings. A song I have sung after many break ups. Off of First Band on the Moon – Been It

Last week, I did My Favourite Game for Throwback Thursday, so here is my second fave from Gran Turismo – Erase and Rewind

Now a break from the Cardigans, I present to you another one of Nina’s projects A Camp. I have called this song my theme song. Here is Frequent Flyer.

I know every girl can relate this next song. Another one of my all time favorite songs, I use to sing this to my ex all the time. Jerk! But never mind him. Off my favorite Cardigans album Long Gone Before Daylight. Here is For What It’s Worth…

Now I’ve either started sounding like Casey Casem doing a radio show, annoyed you to pieces, or have brought on sadness as we have reached the last Cardigans Album. Please please release another…But off of Super Extra Gravity a song that has hit me quite recently, Losing A Friend.

I am going to squeeze in a song featuring the lovely Nina by the Manic Street Preachers. Out of all the songs she’s collaborated on this is one of my favorites.

And right when you think no more Nina, 2009 comes along and A Camp comes back with a second album. I remember the first time I got to see Nina live was with A Camp at the Troubadour with my lovely bro and his friend Christopher(a fellow Swede lover) I remember hearing this song live, and claiming it. Yeah I have a lot of favorite songs. Get over it. But here is possibly one of the most beautifully written songs to ever grace our ears. I always imagined this song being put to a movie or on stage cause its just so pretty. Off Colonia, here is Golden Teeth and Silver Medals.

And now we fast forward to 2014, Nina has many projects under her belt but this is her first Solo album. And what can I say, I fall in admiration of her more and more every time I listen to the album. The tough task on this one was finding what song was my favorite song. So I was between Clip Your Wings, Silver and Forgot to Tell You. I wanted to wait cause she had given a teaser for Clip Your Wings, but instead I have decided that the one song I can’t get enough of is Silver(I also couldn’t find a good video version of Forgot to Tell You). So here it is…

I don’t want this journey to end, but since it has to end. I will end and close with a cover. I wonder what Brenda would think about this version of R.E.M’s Losing my Religion. Would she play it on repeat like I have…Hmmm?

And with that the journey through Nina’s career has to stop. But that does not mean you shouldn’t go out and purchase all Cardigans, A Camp and her solo work. I highly recommend it and you won’t regret it. And lastly Nina if you ever stumble upon this, I love you for writing so many songs that have molded the soundtrack of my life, healed my broken heart, and gave me hope in love. You are a genius!


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