Dream Lake – World of Dreams

The use of the word “Dream” in both their band’s name and song title truly encompass what their song conveys.  A feeling of flying through your subconscious.

Album Review – Eternal Death –

For months, I have anticipated the new singles to be released by Eternal Death.  Well my wishes were answered when h released their debut self titled album just a few weeks ago. For being a debut, it is simply amazing.  There are not many albums that I can listen to all the way through and then listen to it again.  Elin Berlin’s sweet vocals combined with the beautiful lyrics and explosive synth are perfect for those times when you just want to  take a walk and contemplate where your life is going.  The album brings forth a dynamic sound that gives the listen a mix bags of emotion.  Whether your in the mood to fall in love, get excited, feel exhilarated, sad, or just want to question life.  This album is for you.   Below are my favorites:

i don’t speak french – Dawn of the New Age

I guess you could call them the sibling band of Stranded Mermaid. I don’t speak french brings groovy funk sound to take you back to the psychedelic rock age.  With lyrics such as “It’s the dawn of the new age and I feel alive” this song brings forth the emotion of a new beginning.  They are definitely talented and have the ability to switch between genre’s of music.

Stranded Mermaid -No Bloodshed Allowed

One of my favorite bands of 2014 has already released something amazing two months into the year. With a slightly heavier beat but still embracing us with a hauntingly beautiful melody and melodic vocals to deliver a powerful message through deep lyrics. I wish I could have been an extra for this spectacularly eerie video. I may just have to find a forest to frolic in while listening to their music.