Summer Heart – Sleep

I’ve been meaning to post this for the past few weeks, and now I’m finally getting to it.

Though it’s dark dreary and raining outside here in New York, Summer Heart infuses my heart with the summer happiness with their recent release “Sleep.”  I really wish I could sleep all day like the song suggests.  In typical Summer Heart fashion they present a poppy dance melody with awesome lyrics.  It will leave you feeling happy and ready to get through his winter.

Wouie – Broken Age

One of my favorites from this year released their album a few weeks ago and I’ve been too busy to post it.  But finally, here it is.  A few months ago, I posted their song “Haunting Feeling” but “Broken Age” makes me feel inspired and makes me realize that sometimes we have unrealistic expectations.  You may expect someone else to fulfill those expectations but you have learn how to do it on your own.

Summer In Our Hearts

With Summer coming to an end (unless you’re in Southern California), I have created a special playlist to feature some of my favorite songs.  I’m hoping that with this list you can keep summer going in your heart and will warm you in the fall and winter months ahead.  Also, it features some songs by artists on this site that have I have not posted on the blog.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the past few days as it’s gone through many changes just within the last hour.   See this as a Thank You for all my followers new and old.  You guys have sure made me feel special the past few days.



I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona

While in Sweden, I had the pleasure of going over to the house of Olaf and Tina from I’m from Barcelona.  Tina has also supplied me with some bands to feature on the site.  They were two of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of having fika with.

So now the time has come for me to feature one of their songs.  I’m sure if you listen to this song it will immediately be stuck in your head all day long.  I love the joyful feeling of this song.  And guys, they aren’t from Barcelona, they come from Jönköping, Sweden.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

All it took was someone to light a little fire under my ass to make me want to bring you guys a better blog and an easier way to enjoy the music that I love and hold dear to my heart.  I dedicate hours of my time to bringing out what I feel is some of the best music in the world.  This blog is my heart, my soul, this “music is my boyfriend”(To quote CSS from Brazil).  I will continue to devote hours to bring you sweet sounds for all your pretty ears.

As you seen yesterday, I now have a Spotify account dedicated strictly to Swedes are Sweet.  The playlists are divided into each month.  I also realized not everyone has access to Spotify and you have to sign up to listen.  So I have created a Souncloud account that will have playlists for you to access without having to sign up for their website.  The playlists are not completed yet, but I will have them done soon. Please enjoy by clicking the link below.

Swedes Are Sweet’s Soundcloud

Swedes are Sweet Has It’s Own Spotify Account

Last week, I quickly scrambled a playlist of songs on this site from my personal spotify account and I promised that I would soon have a break down of posts by month.  So as promised, I have started breaking down the playlists by month on Spotify.  It’s currently up to date and will be growing.  I will include the new songs as I add them to the blog.  That way if you want to listen to the music, you no longer need to head over to youtube and it’s all in one place.

Click this link to follow: 



Kleerup – Let Me In

Time for a new song from Kleerup. It’s been awhile since his last release but now he’s back with some dancey awesomeness to fill your ears and move your feet. Thanks to my awesome Brother for giving me the heads up, I am able to bring to you another dancey pop song for your Friday morning. The song features the amazing beautiful vocals of Norway’s Susanne Sundfør. Let’s start the weekend right by turning this up and dancing!