Special Post – Help Naiv Recordings find their Vanilla

No, I’m not talking about Ice Cream, I’m talking about an artist needing to be found.  I was contacted today by Naiv to assist in finding an artist who gave them a record last week at an after party in Malmo.  Of course, I doubted this claim and still am not sure if it’s a hoax or real.  Then I listened to the song, and immediately was drawn into the melodic vocals accompanied with sweet lyrics and a dreamy ambient beats.  I am now hynotized by Vanilla and want to find out  and hear more from this artist.

So that’s where you come in fellow music lovers.  Help find this artist so we can get more great music out there.

Here is more information at Naiv’s website: https://soundcloud.com/naiv-recordings/vanilla-little-lies


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