Last Lynx – Brother

With their upcoming EP release on Friday, Last Lynx is shot out a poppy dance tunes for your to bop to.  So hurry up Friday “cause I don’t want to wait much longer.”  Like the entrancing “Curtains” this song pulls you in and makes you crave more.  

Nina Persson – Clip Your Wings

Most of you know my obsession with Lykke Li and my connection to her music.  But before Lykke came Nina Persson, whose music has healed many broken hearts and gotten me through, for lack of a better word, a lot of shit.  Tonight, I am seeing her again and I couldn’t be more excited.

Over the years, through the Cardigans, A Camp and her recent solo album she has touched me with her lyrics and music.  Below is “Clip Your Wings,” my current favorite song by her.  This song holds more meaning to me than anyone could imagine.  I probably listen to it and sing it loudly on a daily basis. Her lyrics are always full of so much heart and realism. My best friend always reminds me that in relationships you always need to follow the rule that no matter what, if that person were to go away, that deep down you know you’ll be okay.  This song is the epitome of that.  So listen, read the lyrics, watch the bird fly and lastly enjoy.

And if you don’t get your fix or you just simply want to hear more, click here for more Nina in my ode to her that I wrote a few months back.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

All it took was someone to light a little fire under my ass to make me want to bring you guys a better blog and an easier way to enjoy the music that I love and hold dear to my heart.  I dedicate hours of my time to bringing out what I feel is some of the best music in the world.  This blog is my heart, my soul, this “music is my boyfriend”(To quote CSS from Brazil).  I will continue to devote hours to bring you sweet sounds for all your pretty ears.

As you seen yesterday, I now have a Spotify account dedicated strictly to Swedes are Sweet.  The playlists are divided into each month.  I also realized not everyone has access to Spotify and you have to sign up to listen.  So I have created a Souncloud account that will have playlists for you to access without having to sign up for their website.  The playlists are not completed yet, but I will have them done soon. Please enjoy by clicking the link below.

Swedes Are Sweet’s Soundcloud

Swedes are Sweet Has It’s Own Spotify Account

Last week, I quickly scrambled a playlist of songs on this site from my personal spotify account and I promised that I would soon have a break down of posts by month.  So as promised, I have started breaking down the playlists by month on Spotify.  It’s currently up to date and will be growing.  I will include the new songs as I add them to the blog.  That way if you want to listen to the music, you no longer need to head over to youtube and it’s all in one place.

Click this link to follow: 



Luha – Heart

I first featured Luha months ago when I started the blog.  I’ve been anticipating a new release for quite some time and she finally delivered.  She made it well worth the wait.  This song is absolutely beautiful and will lullaby you into a splendor.  This song touched me deep in my heart where I am soft.  

Linnea Olsson – Breaking and Shaking

I love the cello and I also love Linnea Olsson.  I’ll have to wait to feature a song with her cello playing another time.  Her recently released video for her song “Breaking and Shaking” is a pop spectacular.   In this song she incorporates guitar and  drums rather than the use of her cello.  Her sweet vocals and the percussion beat make me want to get up dance shake and clap like Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  This song is magnificent.