Nina Persson – Clip Your Wings

Most of you know my obsession with Lykke Li and my connection to her music.  But before Lykke came Nina Persson, whose music has healed many broken hearts and gotten me through, for lack of a better word, a lot of shit.  Tonight, I am seeing her again and I couldn’t be more excited.

Over the years, through the Cardigans, A Camp and her recent solo album she has touched me with her lyrics and music.  Below is “Clip Your Wings,” my current favorite song by her.  This song holds more meaning to me than anyone could imagine.  I probably listen to it and sing it loudly on a daily basis. Her lyrics are always full of so much heart and realism. My best friend always reminds me that in relationships you always need to follow the rule that no matter what, if that person were to go away, that deep down you know you’ll be okay.  This song is the epitome of that.  So listen, read the lyrics, watch the bird fly and lastly enjoy.

And if you don’t get your fix or you just simply want to hear more, click here for more Nina in my ode to her that I wrote a few months back.


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