Catching up with Depeche Mode? No…Catching up with Swedes are Sweet!

It’s Tuesday morning and I had my super human energy filled breakfast, my birthday is coming and I am ready to have some bouncing dance moments at desk.   So many songs have come out within the last month but I’ve been lacking on the posts.  My fault and I promise come Mid September Swedes Are Sweet will be back in full force.  And you will have all the Scandinavian delights you could ever hope for!  So here is a recap of whats been going on across the ocean.  It’s been quite a summer for poppy dance hits.

Last week, Moonbabies released a new dancey tune to uplift my soul and get me ready for some action! There music will definitely be on my birthday party play list.  It plays makes me feel good inside!

For all those who love smooth indie pop, This is Head released a new single and yet again they do not fail to fill my heart with joy.

For those of you who are more kean to guitar and bass, and want a little bit of passionate rock in their lives.  Caviare Days is for you…

And let me give a shout out to the Liv who lives across the pond who is always eagerly sending me her finds.  You are awesome!

Liv introduced me to Nadi Nair out of Gothenburg who mixes a bit of eccentric vibes with soulful vocals.  Her groovy beats making me want to dance slow banshee style.  I’d show you but I think I’d scare you.

Liv also gave me the heads up on the song below.  Most of you are familiar with the Teddybears.  But I am not talking about the soft furry kind you held to go to fall asleep as a child.  I’m talking about the groovy musical Grammy award winning kind.  Recently, they have been back at it bringing groovy hits to enchant our ears.

Summer Heart – Thinkin of U

Just the other day in my top songs of 2014 I stated that I always anticipate Summer Heart’s releases.   I also have said that their music makes me keep summer in my heart.   Today they have cured both my anticipation and coldness with a delightful new song.     I will let this song assist the three heaters I have pointing at me to warm me up and I suggest you do the same.

Eternal Death – Cry

So I had all these plans to write while I was in Sweden but I was so busy with my friends that I didn’t get a chance.  So now I sit in Amsterdam with a sad heart and very slow internet trying to post the new Eternal Death song.  The new song is called “Cry” which I want to do right now because I have to go back home, but the song doesn’t encompass the sadness I am feeling.  Instead the vocals give this pleading feeling of hope and desire.  Leaving you with an exhilarating feeling as you make your way through the dancey head bopping beat.     I can’t wait for their self titled album to be released in February.

Throwback Thursday – The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Sister Surround

Today I am throwing back to a band I always tend to forget is Swedish, The Soundtrack of Our Lives.   From their album  “Behind the Music” from 2001, the song “Sister Surround” is one of my favorite songs to dance to.    The band gained popularity in the United States in 2002 when they joined Oasis on Tour and their album was coined “the best album to come out in the last six years” by Noel Gallagher.  Unfortunately for us, the band has since parted ways.  Hopefully they will reunite one day and give us some new tunes to dance to.  

Asha Ali – Words

I fell in love with Asha Ali a few months back when I heard “Stop Talking.”  My love affair continues with her month old release “Words” Vocally beautiful, amazing lyrics paired with some sincere passion make this song relatable.  Less demanding than “Stop Talking” but still she gets her point across.  

Wouie – Broken Age

One of my favorites from this year released their album a few weeks ago and I’ve been too busy to post it.  But finally, here it is.  A few months ago, I posted their song “Haunting Feeling” but “Broken Age” makes me feel inspired and makes me realize that sometimes we have unrealistic expectations.  You may expect someone else to fulfill those expectations but you have learn how to do it on your own.

Nina Persson – Clip Your Wings

Most of you know my obsession with Lykke Li and my connection to her music.  But before Lykke came Nina Persson, whose music has healed many broken hearts and gotten me through, for lack of a better word, a lot of shit.  Tonight, I am seeing her again and I couldn’t be more excited.

Over the years, through the Cardigans, A Camp and her recent solo album she has touched me with her lyrics and music.  Below is “Clip Your Wings,” my current favorite song by her.  This song holds more meaning to me than anyone could imagine.  I probably listen to it and sing it loudly on a daily basis. Her lyrics are always full of so much heart and realism. My best friend always reminds me that in relationships you always need to follow the rule that no matter what, if that person were to go away, that deep down you know you’ll be okay.  This song is the epitome of that.  So listen, read the lyrics, watch the bird fly and lastly enjoy.

And if you don’t get your fix or you just simply want to hear more, click here for more Nina in my ode to her that I wrote a few months back.