Thisell – A Town of Window

I had no idea what to expect when Thisell contacted me about their album released a few months ago.  I heard folk and I automatically assumed it would be something I was opposed to.  But I was completely wrong.  I can’t stop listening to their music.  Lyrically beautifully with entrancing melodies that pull you in.  I found myself day dreaming as I listened to their album “I”.  The first time I gave it a listen at work and I would like to say it was beautifully distracting.  When I listened to it again,  I found myself being pulled into a state of hypnosis where all I could do was focus on the beauty of their music.  I recommend setting some time aside where you will be distracted by no one  to click the video below and let them take you into a beautiful world through their lovely music.


Thank you Peter for sharing your music with me!  Can’t wait to hear your new music in 2015!


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