Swedes are Sweet – Top 14 of 2014 – Part Två

So yesterday, I brought you a few great ones but in my opinion they will keep getting better.  And today, I began my studying of the Swedish language.  Soon I will know how to say more than “Jag heter Crystal”  “Tack så mycket”  and “Kan du hjälpa mig? (Thanks Jackie, author of Makemydag for teaching me those phrases)

10. Summer Heart – Sleep – Summer didn’t last very long this year, but with this song it continued on in our hearts.  With happy pop electronic beats, Summer Heart quickly became one of my favorite artists this year.  I get super excited every time I see he releases something new.

9.  Stranded Mermaid – In the Jaws of the Wolf – With the banjo intro you are quickly transported to the back woods where you dance like a banshee around a bonfire with all your friends.  Songs should take you on a journey, and this song does just that.

8.  Little Children – Hey Hey – Linus Lutti takes us on a journey in music with folky music that includes a heavy psych pop feel.  The harmony of this song is beyond amazing.  

7.  Amason – Duvan – Such an amazing video to go along with an amazing song by the latest Swedish power group Amason.  

6.  Stars in Coma – The Value of Young Andre – This song transport you into a lovely day dream of filled with hope and recovery.  I am so glad this came out before the end of the year, though they would have made my list with “Tricks” if it wasn’t for this song coming in to sweep my heart away.  


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