Swedes are Sweet – Top 14 of 2014- The Final Countdown

I didn’t know until this year that the Final Countdown was a song by a Swedish group.  This first year of my journey through the lovely land that seems to produce good music as fast as rabbits reproduce babies.  I am so excited to see what next year will be.

So here are my top songs for the year 2014.  I am formatting this one differently with Winner on top and its runner up below.  So here we go!

WINNER – Top Song featured on Swedes Are Sweet in 2014 goes to ***drum roll please***

Iamamwhoami –  Chasing Kites –  Not only did I wait and anticipate each release she would put out.  I was always more and more impressed.  I have to say Iamamiwhoami was a true stand out this year and fully deserving of the number one spot.  Not only were the songs stimulating, beautiful and enticing, the videos ever failed to be visual stimulating.  It was hard to pick my favorite, but I went with Chasing Kites because it was the song I related to the most.

RUNNER UP – Eternal Death – Cry – Heard on my return from my last trip to Sweden.  And couldn’t have come at a better time, when I realized what my goal in life was to be.  The song is exhilarating and can heal a heavy broken heart and fill it with hope.

3. Chirping – Ambitions –  This song has more recently become one of my favorite songs.  Chirping brings forth a heavily influenced British Rock sound to Swedish music, making it not only fun to listen to but amazing to dance to.  Inspirational lyrics only add to this great song.  It is likely to cheer you up on the worst of your days.

4.  Nina Persson – Clip Your Wings – When I embarked on this musical journey, I said I would post songs that were close to my heart, songs that made me feel something, and I suppose you can quickly guess I was exposed to a lot of heartache this year but through music, my friends and family.  I healed.  And one artist who really helped me heal was Nina Persson.  This year she released her first solo album, and it was nothing short of amazing.  This year I got to thank her through my blog as well as thank her in person, when I met her at her show in New York.  She has been my inspiration and I hope she continues to release greatness. And remember readers, if someone wants to go let them go cause in the end you’re going to be fine.  

5.  Lykke Li – Gunshot – My top list wouldn’t be complete with my other inspiration and favorite artist, Lykke Li.  I had never cried at a concert until I saw her this year.  She along moved me in away that no other artist has.  When I first posted this song, I said if you don’t feel something from it you’ve never experienced real heartbreak.  So even if you don’t like her music, close your eyes and absorb what she’s saying.  You’re bound to feel something.


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