Special Feature – Hampus Nessvold – Thinking Out Loud

So sorry I did not send some awesome posts your way yesterday.  I took quite the tumble on Saturday and pretty much slept all day.  Today I bring you something extra special.  My first ever interview!!!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview the new arena pop artist Hampus Nessvold.  Like I’m beginning my musical blogging journey, Hampus has recently released his first single!  I was able to ask him a few questions and get a little insight into his musical journey. He is off to a great start with his amazing single “Thinking Out Loud” 

See his answers to my questions below and make sure you check out his song!

Swedesaresweet:  You have been working with music for quite some time, what pushed you to release your own single? How long have you been working on your music project?

Hampus: I’ve been working with music and songwriting for a few years. However, I’ve not been able to find the sound that connects with me. Now when I finally found it; releasing a single was the obvious thing to do.
Swedesaresweet:  Your song is about looking back and wanting to go back to your childhood.  What are your fondest musical memory from childhood? 
Hampus: I don’t have so many musical memories from my childhood, my interest in music came later. The only thing I remember is that my dad always listened to a Swedish indie band that I considered being ‘crap’. I’m now listening to them myself and I love it. Funny how time changes our way of thinking.
Swedesaresweet: Lots of musicians speak of the bands and artist that influenced them.  Who has been the most influential to you and why? Also, what have you learned from them?
Hampus:  I’m inspired tremendously of female voices. I’ve, for as long as I can remember, been listening to primarily women artists. There’s something in a woman’s voice that affects in a way that most men are not even near. I find great inspiration in Amy Winehouse who is my musical god. I love her in the modern musical world with mindless music topping the charts. Overall she went on with her own style and showed the world an alternative that would work better, in my opinion. The greatest lessons learned by Amy is to always be myself in the music. That if you lose yourself among others you will become a product, I want to be an artist. 

Swedesaresweet: Most music lovers can look back and think of the first album they bought on their own.  Mine was Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, do you recall what album you purchased for the first time on your own?
Hampus:  I wish I had a cool answer to that question, but I was not so cool back when I bought my first album. ”Jag har ingenting att förlora” (I got nothing to lose) with Linda Bengtzing, who is a Swedish pop singer. No further comments about that…
Swedesaresweet:  If there was one band or artist who you’d drop anything to go on tour with who would that be?
Hampus: Dead or alive? Amy Winehouse in all categories.
Swedesaresweet: What advice would you give to other young upcoming artists who are nervous about releasing their new music?
Hampus:  My advise for new young artists on the way up is to not hesitate. Do you believe that what you do is good it’s worth fighting for? Never hesitate no matter what people say. Hurry up slowly.
Swedesaresweet:  Last Question, non music related.  If you could reincarnate as any being, (human/animal/mythical character) what would it be and why?
Hampus: What a good question! That’s one of those questions that turns into some kind of philosophy that I will walk around and think about all the time because the answer can always be improved. My spontaneous answer is probably a bird. Imagine being able to fly and see the world from a whole new perspective. Just wow!
Thanks Hampus for the opportunity and may your career soar like a bird!

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