It’s for us – Not Enough

What happens when you mix a little bit of post punk with a pinch of indie pop, you get It’s For Us.  This song accompanied by a fast paced video made me smile with joy when I first clicked play.  For some reason the word “finally” popped into my brain as it’s just what I’ve been waiting for.  It’s like they wrote it’s just for me! 😉

Special Post – Help Naiv Recordings find their Vanilla

No, I’m not talking about Ice Cream, I’m talking about an artist needing to be found.  I was contacted today by Naiv to assist in finding an artist who gave them a record last week at an after party in Malmo.  Of course, I doubted this claim and still am not sure if it’s a hoax or real.  Then I listened to the song, and immediately was drawn into the melodic vocals accompanied with sweet lyrics and a dreamy ambient beats.  I am now hynotized by Vanilla and want to find out  and hear more from this artist.

So that’s where you come in fellow music lovers.  Help find this artist so we can get more great music out there.

Here is more information at Naiv’s website:

This is Head – Repetition

When I first started this blog, This is Head was one of my favorite finds that I stumbled upon.  They are back with another amazing song. This new tune is slightly groovier as it feels your ears with a zest of funk. At the end, I felt like I was being transported into a new land with synthy video game style video game sounds with an abrupt ending of bass.

Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

So I’m moving to another city and really haven’t had much time to work on my blog lately, but I have a bunch of stuff to send your way over the next couple days.

So I expect all of you to get up and dance to this exhilarating dance hit from Kate Boy that remind me of a modern version Freestyle hit. Hope you enjoy it!

i don’t speak french – Shiny Metal Paper Bills

You know I am always excited when Stranded Mermaid releases new material, and I have begun to get equally excited when they release material with their other band, i don’t speak french.  Though different from their work with Stranded Mermaid it is equally as awesome.  Their new release features a great mixture of funk and soul and will have you humming the tune in your head as soon as you hear it.  I have said it before and I will repeat it again…these are some talented Swedes who continue to impress me with their great tunes!

R.A.B.B.I.I – Hang Us High

With the departure of the Knife, I have been searching high and low for a replacement. R.A.B.B.I.I seems to be just the perfect fit of intriguing vocals with a nice rhythmic, exotic synth beat.  I’m taken back into a moment similar to when I first heard the Knife’s “Marble House.”

So after quite a hiatus, electronic synth pop Friday is back with a delightful synth driven melody for you.  Hopefully the tune can get you through this gloomy Friday and we get whisked away into a dreamy weekend.

Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home

Sometimes you need a night out with your friend to listen to some slow, folky, peaceful music the night before you go to see Refused.  So this week, I get a huge dose of Swede sweetness from Tallest Man on Earth and Refused.

Tonight me and my lovely concert buddy Anna will be taking a hike up to one of my favorite theaters in New York, Beacon Theatre to see Tallest Man on Earth.  Below is the first track from his first album release since 2012.  I can’t wait to sit back, relax and take in the peaceful renderings of Tallest Man on Earth.